Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Before Coffee Please

Up at 6am to check on mom. She was in her chair covered with a sheet, so I went into her room to get a bathrobe and slippers. The bedroom floor was covered with clothes and bedding. I put the clothes on her bed linen in the hamper, then went and helped mom get dressed. Then I started her laundry. When I went into the bathroom to get a wash cloth for mom, so she could wash her face. I had to stop The floor was wet and covered in towels. I gave mom a damp wash cloth, put the towels down to get washed, moped the bathroom floor. Made breakfast, and now we get to sit down for our first cup of coffee. I am glad not every day starts like this.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Today was up and Down

Mom and I were up at 6am. We had breakfast early. She went back to bed, when she woke up she swore I didn't feed her. We watched TV(Golden Girls). She really relates to TV. If Lucy looses her wedding band,so did mom... If Beaver gets on the wrong bus. So did my son... and so on. My family is learning that everything should be sunshine and roses around mom. She worries to much for bad news, which keeps us up at night and increases her confusion. I had tried things to keep her away from TV without much luck. Then I got the solution from my sister, now my mom is sorting buttons for me. It keeps her occupied and less anxious. Another good inexpensive idea .

night time wandering

I bought a baby monitor after my mom broke her hip. Then if she needed me at night I would hear her. But, when she gets up at night she is so quiet. I am worried that her new desire to wander at night will take her outside. Any ideas?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It has been a long day. Mom had her ups and downs. I don't know what it is about clothes the offends her. It's 11pm and she has been to bed 4 times. This time I think she really is a sleep. So I am off to turn on the baby monitor and try to sleep.


I have noticed my mom gets frustrated very easy. She seems to have real problems finding the nouns she needs to carry on a full conversation. I am not sure if I handle this right but, I just let her talk and agree with about everything she says. I don't correct her or argue. Is this the right way to handle this? I know it makes for a more peaceful day. Give me your thoughts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy day

It is now 9pm. Mom got her hair done today. She had a great time at the salon. Went to here apt. at the clinic. She only argued a little about dinner and medications. Only needed a little help with getting ready for bed. Now I get to relax with laundry and dishes. How was your day?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adult daycare

I just picked mom from the adult daycare center. This was something my sister started and I was not to keen on the idea. But, I was wrong. Since she has been going we have more to talk about and she is in better spirits feeling she is apart of a group. Today the women got pedicures. Some days I wouldn't mind being a part of her group (ohhh to get a foot massage).

Monday, October 12, 2009


I have been amazed with the organizations that assist with the elderly. When my mom was first diagnosed with ALZ(Alzheimer), I met with a company Home Instead. The caregiver they sent me has now become my second set of hands and eyes allowing me to step back from care giving for a while each day. Another is the Association for Driver Rehab. when my mom thought she could still drive this nonprofit association became the non emotional third party that my mom would listen to. Maybe I can help find the program that can help you.


I took up the runners in my house. why you ask? Well I noticed my mom stepping carefully over the space between the carpet and the runner. When I asked she said " I don't want to fall in the hole." Let me know your helpful hints.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I want to say that if it were not for family this would be harder. From my daughter who does my moms hair and nails, to my sisters who call often bringing my mom comfort. Family is so important. I guess it is true no one is an island. This is why I started this website, not everyone has the support I am grateful to have. If you need some added support or just want to sound off I am here.

A Journey With Mom

I wanted a support group to help me accept and survive caring for my mom. But, anyone who is dealing with dementia knows you can't always make the physical meetings, so I hope keeping an online journal helps. My mother was diagnosed with ALZ 2 years ago. I quit my nursing job and now she is living with me. What a life change it has been for both of us. I am learning to judge the time of day by meals. I am hoping what I have learned helps others. Any ideas you have I would greatly appreciate.

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