Wednesday, January 6, 2010

moms ill

Mom has been sick for 2 days. I sit with her at night again. Talking till she falls asleep. It is strange to discuss our family as though I'm not a part of it. Though I have to say, treating mom as a client has dramatically decreased my expectations of her. The stress level in the house has decreased. I still forget at times call her mom and get that funny look from her. This to I know will become easier as time goes on. To my brother and sisters that read this blog. She always states her love for one and all. Her memories of our growing up are all good. Even though we all know better.

Monday, January 4, 2010

thank you

To Carole; thank you for your support. Your responses are always kind. It is nice to be able to reread them when needed. Martha

Lesson learned

Sorry I havent been on...This lesson took a while. My mom is not my mom anymore. She is Carol. She is praised for all she can do. Reaasured when she is worried. But, I no longer call her mom. It seems to confuse her. Her son is the grumpy man next door. My mom is now my patient.

hits 2 you

hits 2 you

gold rush

Traffic Gold Rush