Saturday, June 11, 2011

night time praise

Sometimes at night when my mom is agitated. I go into her room and sing her praises. I tell her how wonderful she is. Kind,Caring,giving, pretty and sweet. How much she is loved. To which she will turn her head towards me smile chuckle. Say "thank you" then. I lose her back to the dementia. It can be sad at times but, for those few minutes she actually sees me it is worth it. I wait to see if she is calming. If not, we start all over again with praise. It can take time but, she will calm close her eyes and fall asleep.

2 worlds

I have not been good at keeping up with my blog. For that I am sorry. It is hard at times to try and explain how sad this disease makes me feel as it steals my mother from me. Hard to see a robust woman of 160 pounds become a frail 130 pound woman. It has been 3 weeks now and we are lucky to get 3 1/2 to 5 ounces of baby food into my mother with 5 ounces of water daily. She is very weak now. But, she is calm. I believe God took the fear from her as I had asked. I have learned that tho I can not see the people she is talking to. I talk to them with her. When they are bothering her I shoo them away and she is content. I feel I live in 2 worlds. My mom's world which is very real to her and the outside world.

hits 2 you

hits 2 you

gold rush

Traffic Gold Rush