Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mom remains in the hospital

Went to see mom . What a difference a day makes has never been more true, she is again happily demented. smiling and making jokes. Her physician is trying to find the correct medication to help her sleep. I am told once she sleeps through the night she can come home, and her doctor is being so cautious of the increases. I am glad now that I took her. I have also realized how much she is apart of this household and it is way to quiet with her gone. Ready for round 6 so to speak.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well I thought mom was rebounding from the flu she had. She was moping around the house acting as if being touched caused pain. Crying, refusing to eat or take her meds. Then moms caregiver became increasingly worried. My sister who spoke with her on the phone was worried. So I took her to the hospital to be checked for a possible infection. We were a sight. Me sick mom angry telling everyone she wanted to die. I think they tested her for everything. Healthy as a horse. Just ready to die. I had her admitted to the psychiatric ward for evaluation knowing they could get her to eat and take her meds. It has been 3 days. She has a wonderful psychiatrist who was the one to diagnose her 21/2 yrs ago. He informed me mom doesn't sleep at night (well that was a surprise). So she is to stay till they can find the correct dosage of medication to help her sleep. Maybe 2 more nights.

my turn

I caught the Flu. I have not been sick like this in years. guess it was my turn.

hits 2 you

hits 2 you

gold rush

Traffic Gold Rush