Wednesday, December 16, 2009

staying dressed

I wish I could understand the aversion people with ALZ have with clothes. It has been a unique couple of days with mom. I cant seem to keep her dressed while at home. I thought it was because she was not sleeping that her confusion was getting worse, I now think it is just a part of her dementia. We have doctors apts. today. I will ask the experts and see if they have answers. Let you know what I find out. Still haven't figured out the bathroom issue yet. Ideas appreciated.

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  1. My mom is total care at this point. One night about a month ago, I went in to check on her, and she was naked! I was just in shock, I never thought that was a moment I would experience, however! It had to take some work on her part to get her gown off too, get both arms out, slip it over her head, as it is pinned in the back, then toss it on the floor! I have since figured out how to not let that happen again, it's too cold for that!


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