Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today we went to an eye specialist per moms doctors request. Moms eyes are fine minimal cataracts which is to be expected at her age. I took along my information on the loss of visuospatial skill. She was on her best behavior through the whole process (3 hours long). Now mom can go back to her regular optomitrist. I think what bothers me is that her primary doctor did not have the same information I did on mom. I can't say it enough if you are a primary care giver get and read all medical records. All hospitalization records. We have one goal to keep our loved ones as healthy as possible. I can add another hat as a patient advocate.


  1. Well done you, you are coping so very well, and I hope you receive some help when the going get's tough. And your advice is extremely useful.

  2. Whoops, how did that apostrophe creep in - must wear my glasses...hugs..


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