Monday, November 23, 2009

The money saga continues

Mom was obsessing about money again. The fake money did'nt work to long, as you can tell. Thank god I have a sister to call to back me up. ( I am lucky that way). For support you should have someone to back you up. For my mom it is one of my brother-in-laws. She really does better with men in authority. They know what is going on in our home and know to generalize an answer to soothe my mom. Support for the care giver is so important. I did'nt really understand the full extent of what I was getting into. That is a fact. But, I don'nt feel that I am alone. We are a family taking care of our Brother and our Mother. Only, I get to be on the front line for now,Knowing that I always have back up if it is needed.

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